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Suburban summer camp in amusement park, Creative World

Girls, boys, babies! Spend a wonderful holiday with us in a unique adventure theme park, where you can expect not only a bunch of fairy tale characters but also a lot of fun in any weather and dirty tricks that you might not be allowed to do by your grandma!

Creative World is no ordinary place. All smart headers and creative hands will come into their own. In addition to the permanent attractions of the park guarded by real fairytale characters, like a fairy or a water goblin, there are other seasonal attractions and it is always something to enjoy and discover.


The holidays are fast approaching and you certainly do not want to be bored somewhere on a housing estate! Come along with other children to create, discover, explore and above all to play and romp!


What can you look forward to?

  • Treasure hunt
  • Water and sand fun
  • Cakes baking and preparing refreshing lemonades
  • Production of gifts: a dream catcher, original carillon and others.
  • You will learn the basics of a facepainting like a pro
  • You will carry a self-made creations like a holiday mask, for example
  • The July-strawberry trail
  • August at the Harvest Trail
  • And much more ...

The whole park will be your big playground and fairytale characters will help you quickly make new friends.

Practical information for parents:

  • Suburban camp is open daily from 8:00 am - 17:00 pm.
  • For children, there is a special rich program in which you will choose what they want to do or what to play.
  • The diverse program activities are suitable for all children aged from 4 years.
  • Our standard is overseeing the regular drinking regime (no artificial, icky soft drinks).
  • Throughout the day, food and refreshments is being carefully prepared.
  • Special requirements (gluten-free food, allergens, etc.) accepted!
  • Come to visit us and book a place in the suburban summer camp right on the spot, or use the form below.

  • CZK 3.800 / child.
  • The price is valid for 1 batch (5 working days).
  • The price includes meals, drinks and small gifts or products that you carry with you.




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